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De Facto

De Facto may feature two members of the explosive Texas rock powerhouse known as At The Drive-In, but adrenaline-infused emo it definitely ain't. No, De Facto explores moods and flavors more typically experienced after the show, in the wee hours of the morning, at a time when alcohol has replaced adrenaline as the active ingredient in your bloodstream and maybe, just maybe you are enjoying the company of a carcinogenic late night friend. De Facto specializes in kooky, whimsical, and very eclectic instrumental grooves, the heady dub sounds of King Tubby and Lee "Scratch" Perry just one of the many influences vying for primacy in the strange soup of their music. The others include lounge, tropicalia, straight reggae, abstract electronic, and jazz fusion. The group's writing process, not surprisingly, is improvisational, based on a fluid exchange of ideas using drum and bass rhythms as the songs' spines. The atmospheric sound they get by mixing up all these styles and stirring is groovy, quirky, and sometimes pretty damn far out.

De Facto (formerly De Facto Carde Dub) has been the alias for Cedric Bixler and Omar Rodriguez's sundry experiments since the early days of their other band, the notorious At The Drive-In, back in El Paso, Texas (they have since relocated to Long Beach, CA). The group's ten-song full-length debut (proudly stamped as "sample free") appeared on GSL in late 2001. It's titled Megaton Shotblast.

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