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David Coulter

British multi-instrumental experimentalist David Coulter creates nuanced, panoramic sweeps of sound that feel both transcendental and earthy. A former member of Irish folk-punk band El Stew who has also worked with white noise experimental outfit Test Dept. and classical avant-gardists the The Kronos Quartet, Coulter draws on his extensive, varied musical background to create experimental compositions that are both assured and surprisingly lovely. He makes ample use of the didjeridoo (Coulter is a master player), theremin, and double bass, not to mention the guitar, mandolin, violin, accordion, ukelele, Jews' harp, harmonium, musical saw, and numerous other instruments, to create organic music that -- for all its peculiarity and occasional spookiness -- feels intimate and familiar. This is some of the most emotionally resonant experimental music you'll ever hear.

Many of the tracks on Coulter's debut release, INterVENTION, are instrumental, though some have various kinds of vocal chanting, and a few -- like the marvelously angst-ridden "How Can I Love Thee?," from an Elizabeth Barrett Browning poem -- contain narration. You'll hear traces of musical styles from all over the world in Coulter's compositions -- the emotional intensity of an Indian raga, the earthiness of a Vietnamese folk song, the meditative drone of an Aboriginal tribal chant -- but this is a music entirely unto itself. It's almost as if Coulter has discovered a new never-before-heard regional music from some undiscovered corner of the globe, and has taken it upon himself to share it with the rest of us.

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