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This Dutch group has done a splendid job of creating their own '60s-derived pop, blending a number of influences into pristine pysch albums. There are undeniable likenesses on Daryll-Ann's fourth album Happy Traum, with the Big Star guitar lines and Beach Boys vocal melodies. It is refreshing to hear a group successfully engineer a well-produced album of this nature. So many artists fall into the rut of the lo-fi, falling prey to the influence of the Elephant 6 Collective and their successes in creating albums that sound like '60s B-sides. Like The Olivia Tremor Control and Beulah, Daryll-Ann has crafted a unique sound from timeless influences and is letting it ring out crystal clear.

Happy Traum wanders into more of a twang as the album settles in, again similar to Alex Chilton. Then this quintet gets flat-out Neil Young with the song "Riverside." All of Daryll-Ann's songs on this album are well-put together, never treading too heavily on their influences. Holland's brightest pop export is sure to put a smile on your face. Just ask Billy Corgan, who supposed asked his former wife to marry him while listening to the band -- a pretty good story, regardless.

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