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Although Dano discovered the underground sounds of house and techno in 1990 while attending architecture school in Copenhagen, he didn't dive into the deep house pool until he moved to San Francisco in 1994. Since then, Dano has been honing his skills both as a DJ and as a producer.

In his production role, Dano collaborates on a regular basis with the likes of DJ Dan, DJ Tony, DJ Onionz, Halo Varga, and DJ Joeski. His work has shown up on labels such as Grayhound, Low Pressings, Electrik Soul, and of course his own Red Melon label. As a DJ, Dano maintains three S.F. residencies and plays at top cubs around the world. This man is in high demand. "Spinal Trip" and "Saxational Groove" are taken from the Red Melon catalog which is now well into double figures.