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When the members of the Savannah five-piece Damad strap on their instruments, they see apocalypse, a world strangled by hate, death in the streets, plagues and scourges descending from above, blindness, famine, drought, bloodshed, countless unspeakable atrocities. There is no hope in their music, only an endless reservoir of rage and violent despair. At the center of the brutal sound is thick, intricate guitar, like Sabbath riffs played triple time, plus rancorous vocals delivered with inhuman pathos and martial drum explosions. Damad surprises repeatedly with the sophistication of their arrangements, something you don't hear too often anymore in grindcore/death metal world. The group released its debut LP, Rise and Fall (1996), a savagely dynamic nine-song affair (oddly interpolated with scraps of dialogue from the Kevin Spacey movie Swimming with Sharks) featuring "Addict Arcade" and "Second Hand." In 2000 Damad released a second full-length, Burning Cold.

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