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Dalek is the MC who has his sights set on Hip-Hop 2000. With worldwide scope and influence, Dalek speaks to all of us regardless of race or background. We are a universal community, aware of our spiral towards violence and destruction, and Dalek serves as a wakeup call, bringing forth a message through apocalyptic beats and abstract rhymes.

Once, the music of artists like KRS One, Public Enemy and N.W.A. spoke to us with lyrics and music that galvanized us and helped to create a youth-oriented urban political voice. Now, it seems as though there might not be any room left for politics in hip hop (if you based that opinion solely on recent record sales). Dalek offers an alternative by creating a medium of interaction never before experienced, fusing the sounds of groups like Faust or The Velvet Underground with the raw energy of Eric B and Rakim