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Dabrye is one of the many aliases deployed by the prolific Ann Arbor-based electronic eclecticist Tadd Mullinix. His work under the pseudonym features many of the same glitchy textures and syncopated, distorted beats as the complex abstract techno he records under his own name, but here it comes with an elegant, lazily downtempo flavor. It's the cerebral laptop enthusiast's rendition of swampy instrumental hip hop. The fuzz and crunch of the rhythms is a constant, providing a delightful counterpoint to the dreamy melodies that float like night birds up above, which are consistently orchestrated in the most ingenious of ways, from a molasses-coated sax line to jazzy vibes that drift in like warm zephyrs. Released on Ghostly in the summer of 2001, Dabrye's first album One/Three is a headphone electronic masterpiece, minimal yet lush, borrowing elements from Motown, hip hop, funk, and experimental techno and immersing them in a distinctively peculiar yet eminently listenable wash of gentle, playful sound. In 2002, Mullinix released a second Dabrye album, Instrmntl, on which he raised the temperature a few degrees, bringing in a few more acoustic elements.

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