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In many regards, D+ encapsulates the history of Knw-Yr-Own Records and epitomizes the close-knit music scene of Anacortes, Washington, where both the band and the label reside. Bret Lunsford started D+ after his old group, the seminal Olympia-based lo-fi pop trio Beat Happening, parted company in the early '90s and he returned home to Anacortes. He'd already founded Knw-Yr-Own at that point and moved operations into the back of an idiosyncratic book and record store (which he'd taken over) known simply as The Business. Soon a local kid named Phil Elvrum (who would later go on to start a universally hailed recording project called Microphones) started hanging around asking for a job. Before long the two musicians began playing together, with another local, the quirky pop eclecticist Karl Blau, joining soon after. Thus D+ was born.

The trio plays a loose, shuffling, rural style of indie pop prone to sudden bouts of pop whimsy. There's the same impromptu goofy yet prescient humor -- the group's second album, Dandelion Seeds, advocated arming beavers with automatic weapons so they could fight back -- that listeners found so endearing in Beat Happening. But it's present in smaller and subtler doses here. Lunsford's wry, laidback yowl sets the tone for a sound that doesn't mind rocking out from time to time, but for the most part is content to coast along on warm guitar plucking and organic percussion. Sometimes D+'s drowsy backwoods flavor might even make you think of offbeat yet astute campfire songs, whose words, melodies, and textures drift benevolently through your head as you lie awake in your sleeping bag on the floor of your tent.

D+ debuted in 1997 with Heatherwood, a co-release of Knw-Yr-Own and K Records. Dandelion Seeds followed a year later. Then D+ went on the shelf for a few years as all three men concentrated on their other various projects. But in late 2001 and early 2002, D+ reconvened to record their third album, Mistake.