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Curtis Bay

Curtis Bay has been smacking the drum kit since he was four, playing the boogie-woogie on the guitar since he was five, and blowing on the saxophone since he was eight. As an adult, he continues to create, reinvent, and evolve, spawning a new hybrid that takes the rudiments of old school jazz and crosses them with new school electronica.

Curtis Bay has never claimed to know it all. A consummate craftsman, he's in it for the long haul. His grooves are heavily influenced by jazz legends Fatback Soulsters and Masters of the Greasy Bump and Grind, as well as his mentor Benny Miller who once played in the Duke Ellington Orchestra. Bay also takes cues from D.C. go-go bands, then adds liberal helpings of flavor-of-the-month hip-hop and smaller doses of industrial-flavored punk rock panache.

Bay's most recent full-length release, Medium Rare, and single cut "Blast Off" on the SF2000 Time Capsule compilation, defy tradition with daring new sound compositions full of subtle inflections of pitch, complex patterns and combinations, and almost disorienting webs of crossrhythms and polyrhythms. It's a spicy electronic stew that is as delicious as it is diverse.

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