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Current formed in suburban Detroit in early 1992 and was defunct by the fall of 1994. Though the band didn't last long, it is considered highly influential in certain circles of the emo hardcore scene. Taking the do-it-yourself punk ethic to heart, Current founded its own label (Council Records) to release its records and those of other like-minded Midwestern bands.

Their early sound was derived from that of Dischord bands from the mid-'80s like Embrace, The Faith, Ignition and Moss Icon. Later, those influences propelled the band into unexplored territories as their youthful punk upbringing mingled with a newfound lyrical competence and musical maturity. Grafting this emotional urgency into a dynamic musical framework, Current danced between delicately plucked guitar/bass melodies to a full-on freight train of sound. These dramatic shifts in energy usually occurred unexpectedly, creating a unique sense of tension and release throughout the songs. This tension provided singer Matthias Weeks with a venerable playground for exercising his multiple personalities through introspective spoken word ramblings or politically charged guttural screams. Sometimes his personality coincided with the band's mood, sometimes it didn't, as demonstrated in the song featured here, "Leech." On "Leech" (which appears on the posthumously released Discography CD), Weeks screams blindly into oblivion as the rest of the band gently meanders from note to note, charging, building, and finally coming to an explosive head for the final moments.

Current released two seven-inch singles, two split singles (one with Chino Horde, one with Indian Summer), a full-length (Coliseum), and appeared on numerous compilations. With the addition of another singer, Current transformed to their crustcore alter ego, Ottawa, which also broke in the fall of '94. Members of Current went on to play in Broken Hearts are Blue (Caulfield), Nema (Sound Pollution), Technicolor (Darla Records), and Film School.

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