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Scotland's Cruiser starts with ambient dance music characterized by broken beats and warbling electronic textures. But they reach back into the last century to borrow the obsessive guitar drones of the early '90s shoegazer movement, the dark keyboard lines of British post-punk a decade previous, and the gentle acoustics of older folky pop. There's more too, strings and pipes and drum rolls which suggest the traditional music of the band's native country, the result of the group's stated intention to add a uniquely Scottish element to their music. This weird marriage of aesthetics yields a dreamy and exotic sound unlike anything else around, one that glows with a quirky beauty, sometimes humming eerily, sometimes floating contemplatively. Cruiser's music gleans its power as much from what it suggests as what it is, summoning an inscrutable but lovely aural landscape in which disparate elements are mixed indiscriminately, often to great emotional effect, as in a dream.

The project began in 1998 with the dance tracks group leader Kevin Lynch was working on solo, when Lynch grew unsatisfied with what he was doing, taught himself some guitar chords, and recruited a band. In time, Cruiser grew to half a dozen members strong. In 2001 the band issued their searching and ethereal debut release Northern Electric, on California-based Devil In The Woods.