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Critters Buggin

"Sweeping the Universe with a sonic broom." Critters Buggin formed in 1992 out of a kinship to one another and to a mutual musical vision. They were the first band to be signed to Stone Gossard's Loosegroove label and have been its art-improvisational-jazz fixture ever since. Critters Buggin is on the ambient, experimental tip, and their sound is characterized by strange noises alluding to alien landscapes and a future ambient groove. The Buggin sound mixes dissonant tones including those of a deep baritone-tenor sax. Percussionist Mike Dillon is not afraid to get out there with his tablas, shakers, and pieces of metal. What is most amazing is that these professional musicians (all of whom have worked with mainstream major label acts) have taken their sound way of the map to another dimension. This is a far cry from major label material...avant garde is an understatement.

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