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What could it be about San Diego? Does that hot Southern California sun cause mutations in musicians' brains? Or could it be something in the water? How else to explain Creedle's utterly warped blend of math rock, jazz, cartoon music, and inexplicable vocal samples that could as easily be taken from late night public access television as anywhere else? Creedle clearly pays absolutely no attention to genre distinctions, or what's more, to any kind of conventional ways of making music. There is no rhyme or reason to the enigmatic transitions that take place in their songs -- from spooky Slint-like guitar explorations to jazz-influenced horn-driven explosions to apocalyptic circus noise to delicate moody introspection -- usually in the course of a single song. If you like it simple, this band isn't for you. But if you like things complicated, challenging, and confusing, listen up.

You can find the featured "Georgia X" on Creedle's 1995 Cargo/Headhunter record Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars. They also put out 1996's Half Man, Half Pie and When the Wind Blows on Cargo/Headhunter.

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