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Cornelius is Japan's Keigo Oyamada, who has cut and pasted together a whirlwind of sounds and moods here on the new album Point. More organic and atmospheric than his 1997 Matador debut, Fantasma, Point offers quick breaks and edits that turn from acoustic guitars to dancy beats at the click of a mouse. Cornelius has beautifully blended technology with pseudo analog filters and sounds that are sampled, edited and faded into a flowing piece. Cornelius fits well into the school of John McEntire, with similarities to newer Tortoise, Stereolab, and Nobukazu Takemura.

Besides the Pro Tools magic, there's also a reassuring live quality to the music, whether it's the crossfades of birds chirping or the sudden emergence of the track "I Hate Hate," where a sudden burst of speed metal morphs into Don Caballero 2-style math. Vocally the album has a tight quick harmonic that recalls Rob Crow's pre-Pinback work with bands like Heavy Vegetable.

But no matter how many comparisons you drop, Cornelius has produced a great new album which is incomparable as a whole to any other. It's incredibly fun and interesting to listen to.