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Controlled Bleeding

Throughout Controlled Bleeding's multifaceted back catalogue, the outfit remains unconcerned with maintaining an aesthetic signature, focusing instead on creating majestic displays of power. While the band has kept a fairly stable core of participants, Paul Lemos has been the prime mover for Controlled Bleeding since the band's inception. In 1983, Controlled Bleeding released their first album, screeching out an excess of raw oversaturated noise in some of the earliest documents of ultra-violent power electronics. Over the next two decades, Controlled Bleeding has mutated from no-wave jazz theatrics with an electronic sheen to vocal operatics which inadvertantly stumble into dark gothic overtones to the punishing synth/grind fusion which landed them on Wax Trax! for a while.

The Poisoner finds a more mature Controlled Bleeding at their most atmospheric and perhaps most ominous. The album is divided into two thirty-minute parts. "Part One," excerpted here, is an intensely creepy miasma of hypnotic cavernous reverberations, mysterious ghostly voice samples, eerie jungle noises, and forcefully sampled strings. If you have dark and disturbing dreams, don't say we didn't warn you.