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Clint Conley first wrote songs for the short-lived yet highly influential Mission Of Burma. Mission of Burma reigned Boston in the early '80s as one of the most interesting punk-influenced noise bands, helping forge the new art-punk genre by mixing the aggression and volume of punk with more free thinking, more obtuse, and less politically minded songwriting. Other innovators of this underground style included Pere Ubu, Husker Du, The Fall, The Mekons, The Saints, and many more groups from the late '70s and early to mid '80s. This style evolved and branched into different directions, becoming a huge influence on the alternative rock explosion that climaxed a decade later. Releasing only one album during their lifespan, Mission of Burma probably fell short of their potential, but no doubt made an important mark on rock history.

Now Clint Conley's first musical output in 19 years comes in the form of Consonant. Still based in Boston, Clint fronts this band after two decades of albums from hundreds of indie rock bands at least peripherally influenced by Mission of Burma. Chris Brokaw (Come, The New Year) and Matt Kadane (The New Year, Bedhead), and Winston Braman (Fuzzy) make up the rest of the band, giving Chris cohorts whose work rivaled Mission of Burma in influence and creativity, while taking cues from the group. After a quick listen, Consonant might be indistinguishable from the many others whose noisy sound Clint helped create. However, by the third song on Consonant's self-titled debut album, the hairs on the back of the neck begin to rise. It's that intangible but distinctive feeling to which all songwriters aspire, yet few achieve. Clint undeniably has the gift for reaching powerful levels, especially now with the beautiful guitars of Chris Brokaw. Fellow Boston native Bob Weston (Shellac) recorded the album and seems to have had a lot to do with its success, with his unique production sound apparent throughout.