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Computer Cougar

Little is known about the enigmatic Computer Cougar, but it has been established that the band includes onetime members of Rorshach, Born Against, Greyhouse, and the owner of Gern Blandsten Records. The music itself is not so mysterious: it's simple and straightforward garage-punk with three-chord guitar power, hard-hitting drums, and stripped-down bass somewhat reminiscent of late '70s/early '80s Gang of Four or Wire.

"Too Much" is featured on the band's debut album, Rough Notes On High Stress on Gern Blandsten Records. At only one minute long, the track "Stunt Pilot" is a mere taste of how this band can rock. By the time you've started tapping your toes and bouncing your head to the song's infectious simplicity, it will all be over. So you'll just have to listen again. It is available on both Troubleman'sTaking A Chance On Chances compilation and the aformentioned Rough Notes album.