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Over half a decade in the mid '80s, Colourbox was one of the many innovative dance groups to create the fiendishly catchy synthetic music remembered with sentimental fondness by those who grew up during the decade and enjoyed today at maximum decibel level at gay clubs across the land. Led by brothers Martyn and Steve Young, the London-based group tapped the sampling and scratching techniques which had previously been the exclusive domain of hip hop artists and the futuristic keyboard sound of electronic dance music, and fused them with rock, soul, and all-around sonic mischief-making. Their self-titled 1985 debut album baffled critics, even those who liked it, while earning the group a devoted fan base, but it was in 1987, under the name M/A/R/R/S, that Colourbox had its breakthrough, teaming with the proto dream rock duo AR Kane, master scratch artist Chris "CJ" Mackintosh and local DJ Dave Dorrell to create the memorable single "Pump Up the Volume."

But despite the success of that track (which reached Number 1 in the U.K.), neither Colourbox nor M/A/R/R/S released any additional material. In 2001, though, 4AD issued a retrospective album, Best of Colourbox 82/87, reprising the group's meteoric career.

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