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Color Filter

Epitonic proudly presents one of the most successful internationally acclaimed artists from the Fuzzy Box camp. Color Filter is an electronic pop cooperative from Tokyo headed by Ryuji Tsuneyoshi, a guitarist, composer, and award-winning nuclear physicist. Tsuneyoshi started Color Filter in 1996 after discovering the possibilities of making music with an AKAI sampler and a Macintosh. He also writes music for TV commercials (one of his works can be heard regularly on ESPN during the X-Games). For Tsuneyoshi, the ability to produce music on his own, without the aid of others, held much more promise than his then-current position as a guitarist in a band with influences in U.K. post-punk music. We can only be grateful Tsuneyoshi made this decision; had he not, we would be without the blissful drum and bass-oriented electro pop of Color Filter. You can sample these delectable Japanese electronic pop confections on Sleep in a Synchrotron, featuring the song "Let Me Sleep" and a cover of the Lou Reed classic "Satellite of Love." Also available is "The Stars Above Me," a collaboration with Darla electro-popsters Sweet Trip, which was featured on Darla's Drum & Bliss Vol. 2. Fuzzy Box proudly released Color Filter's second full-length album, I Often Think In Music, in 2000, which features "Blue" and "Fearless." "1/f" is available on CF's most recent release, Landscapes, on Dogprint Records.