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Colophon is the moniker under which Tarentel guitarist Jefre Cantu pursues exercises in minimal electro-acoustic abstraction. His instrumental pieces are haunting and spartan, consisting of bone-hard piano chords, fragile acoustic guitar fragments (some provided by Cantu's Tarentel band mate Danny Grody), repetitive electronic tones, and white-noise field recordings. It's the sound of inner worlds, of vital functions that lie beneath language, perpetually shifting and pulsing with somatic activity. Only occasionally does a discernable rhythm or ghost melody surface in Colophon's murky ambient soundscapes. Cantu debuted his Colophon alter ego in spring of 2002 with the two-song Spring EP, the second in Dreams by Degree's four-part Seasons series, which also features releases by Coastal, Loquat, and Sappington.