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C.O.C.O. represents the next chapter in indie rock's revival of the funky, sensual beats and grooves of classic soul and R&B. Together, modish chanteuse Olivia Ness and Dub Narcotic Sound System bassist Chris Sutton sidle their way through some delicious and infectious dance music that's a welcome respite from the bland canned beats you can hear in dance clubs across the land. Ness provides a comfortable low end, moving slinky and snakelike at the foundation of each number, while Sutton offers busy, highly varied, often exotic percussion. Ness's detached, coolly seductive melodies work nicely with the songs' warm instrumentation, and Sutton's quirky backup vocals give the music its sense of humor. Not a hugely ambitious project, but a thoroughly enjoyable one. C.O.C.O.'s self-titled debut LP came out in late 2000.

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