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Utah's Coastal are making their mark on the "slo-core" movement through an inspired mix of restraint and gorgeous melody. Drawing from the rich history of similar artists like Low, Red House Painters, Slowdive, and American Analog Set, Coastal continues the great tradition of these bands along with other newcomers like Clock Strikes Thirteen and Sappington. As their name might suggest, listening to Coastal is like emerging from a storm far out at sea. Calm prevails, the clouds part, and you're immersed in the still blue night.

Coastal's self-titled debut was released on Words on Music in 2001. It features the slow, haunting drums of Jim Harker, the shimmering, reverb-soaked guitar of Jason Gough, the subtle bass of Josh Callaway, and the gentle organ of Luisa Gough. Luisa and Jason's vocals play off each other to a dramatic yet soothing effect here.

In late 2001, the Provo quartet followed up with a ten-inch EP, Winter, on San Francisco-based Dreams By Degrees. On Winter's four songs (three originals and a melancholy, ethereal cover of the Cocteau Twins' "Primitive Heart"), the band continues to delicately explore the spartan dynamics of their debut LP, combining wistful male and female vocals, delicate guitars, understated keys, and wispy rhythms into appealingly restrained, minimal compositions.