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As you listen to Clone, you can almost hear the emaciated, peroxided doorman at the club where they're playing say to you in an effete, German-accented voice, "You must be wearing leather, vinyl, or head-to-toe black." After passing the test, you would then walk into a very dark room draped with black velvet and filled with coffins and kids in their Saturday night vampire attire. Across the room, this high-speed Satanic comic strip of a band would be playing a unique variety of synths- and effects-driven, no-holds-barred experimental goth-punk, completely blowing the kids away.

And that band would be the sinful circus known as Clone, of course. Originally the side project of guitarist/vocalist Xtra Schneider and drummer Mick Snake, both of whom were in Meth 25, Clone became a full-fledged entity after the duo migrated from Philadelphia to San Francisco and recruited Count Vlad (guitar), Liz E Beta (bass; formerly of 7 Year Bitch), and Android the Mechanical Boy (synths and samples; later replaced by Kell Fiyah). Soon the band had found a scene and a sound (both described above), and had come into its own as a dark, heavy, furious and futuristic rock and roll affair, marked by propulsive bass lines, '50s sci-fi movie effects, and Schneider's cabaret-in-hell vocal style.

The band put out its first full-length Not Feeling Quite Like Yourself Today? on San Francisco's Evil Eye Records in 1998. It features the garagey Cramps-style "Freak" and the spooky/silly, effects-laden "Throw Me a Bone."

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