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Clikatat Ikatowi

Clikatat Ikatowi was one of San Diego's most celebrated bands. They helped maintain the city as the art punk capital of world. They created twisted yet naturally flowing works in a broad range of styles. Ranging from lightning fast and huge, to stripped down, spacey, and lethargic, Clikatat's songs were always engaging and mesmerizing. It wasn't just their excellent compositions which made them everyone's favorite band but also their superior musicianship. Mario Rubalcaba, who has gone on to play with Black Heart Procession and Thingy, is simply one of the best indie drummers around. He plays unbelievably fast and complex parts with taste and style. Guitarist Scott, who previously played for another Gravity band, Heroin, often conducted meandering, noise-filled experiments without compromising structure. He also always knew when to keep it simple, and to compliment the other members. Cutting-edge yet organic, they were one of the best.