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If you though that The Crystal Method were the premier U.S. breakbeat protagonists -- think again. Aaron Carter and Stephen James Barry -- aka Cirrus -- have been at the forefront of the West Coast breaks movement ever since they released "Drop the Break" in '97. Carter and Barry, both natives of Long Beach, California (although Barry was born in England), met at Southern California's Golden West College while studying recording engineering. In '94 they recorded a demo tape that garnered a deal from Los Angeles-based Moonshine Music and the rest is history.

"Stop And Panic," and the title track of their album Back On A Mission, use textured composition, unusual breaks, and some rather playful knob tweaking. "Back On A Mission" tweaks out chords made from organic instruments, runs them through filters, alternates live playing with electronic loops, and basically features some pretty crazy combos. "No Pressure," taken from the Moonshine compilation At Home At Sunset, sees the boys in chill mode. The sits comfortably next to downtempo cuts and remixes by Alex Gopher, Zen Cowboys, and A Man Called Adam.