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Circle Of Dead Children

What's the point of an artist description when they're called Circle of Dead Children? The name pretty much says it all, doesn't it? These five pessimistic Pittsburgh, PA lads combine pretty much every kind of heavy-duty sound out there -- most styles that end in "core" and every one that ends in "Metal" -- to create a brutal, apocalyptic sound meant to reflect the current state of the planet, as the band's members see it -- ugly, defiled, violent, and base. It's no easy task to make out the words to their songs, growled for the most part in the horrifically guttural voice of some ferocious beast, but they seem to reflect a profound awareness of and concern for the state of the environment and the violence of the modern world.

Singer and songwriter Joe Horvath provides those frightening lyrics and vocal sounds while Jason Andrews and Jon Kubacka (who recently left the band) build dangerous structures of guitar violence. The thunderous, bestial rhythm section is manned by bassist Alf Kooser and drummer Jonathan Miciolek, who also manufactures dark, extremely creepy synthetic ambience that washes around the edges of CODC's songs.

After recording several singles -- "Starving the Vultures" and "Exotic Sense Decay" -- on the Pittsburgh label Willowtip, Circle of Dead Children released The Genocide Machine (2001), their first full album, on Necropolis/Deathvomit Records. It's a huge, angry grindcore epic, which contains all of the featured cuts.

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