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Chushen and Cugin

Nelson Martin (aka Chushen) and Bill Grasso (aka Cugin) grew up in the dance-heavy music scene of early '90s Orlando, FL, a place where DJs were outnumbered only by tourists in mouse ears. Already avid record collectors and all-around studio scientists, Chushen and Cugin began performing at local events around the Sunshine State in 1997 and soon became a staple at local clubs and parties there. The duo's DJ sets and live performances are truly a must for the serious electronic music fan and are known to set both mind and body into a state of perpetual motion. Animism, their first full length, combines elements of breakbeat, ambient, downtempo, and electro into funky psychedelic soundscape aimed straight for the cerebellum. Chushen and Cugin's tracks have much in common with the likes of The Future Sound Of London and Irresistable Force, sounding more like natural occurrences then controlled experiments. Offering a convincing argument for the "all natural phenomena posses a living soul" debate, Animism features plenty of good vibes.

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