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Chris Lum

The grossly underrated Chris Lum traded the land of smog (L.A.) for the land of fog (San Francisco), where he is now a prominent member of the underground house community. He runs his own commercial sound studio, Abitare Music, and assists in the running of Moulton Studios with his partner in crime Jay J Hernandez. Lum and Hernandez (aka Jay J) co-produce as 2 Utes on a number of respected underground imprints. His own label, Crisp Records, has been an outlet for DJ Rasoul (Transport, Naked Music, and Large) and many others.

Lum has produced possibly his best work to date for Tilted, the label managed by Nervous and Freeze recording artist Brent Laurence. With its straightforward kicks, inspired chord changes, and funky disco samples, "Stay With Me" is pure sex on wax. Think Seasons, Dufflebag, and Ovum multiplied by ten. Everyone should own a copy of this record.