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Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson is one of those rare jacks-of-all-trades who has his hand in just about every aspect of the underground electronic/dance scene. In his home town of Houston, he is known as the "godfather of the Houston Underground." He runs a record store (Chemistry Records), runs a record label (Crackhouse), produces tracks, DJs all over the world, and promotes parties as part of the Matrix Crew.

Anderson has been DJing out at parties for about a decade. He now uses three turntables and a CD player in his sets. Anderson is known for his smooth mixing and ruff-and-funky music featuring lots of original tracks and bootlegs.

Anderson's production skills reflect his experience with underground electronic culture. He has produced tracks for Catalyst Recordings, Journees, and Labworks in Germany, as well as tracks for his own label, Crackhouse. Anderson has fans in high places: his song "Phreake" was listed on Carl Cox's Essential Mix Live from Renaissance chart in April '99. If techy house and acid lines are your thing, Chris Anderson will supply with you with a proper dose.

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