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It's unclear whether this group's choice of the name Chomsky was reverential or mischievous; perhaps it was a bit of both. Make no mistake, however, these guys are not philosophers -- at least, not of the academic variety. No, they're actually a rock band, in fact an admirably proficient one, from the warm Southern climes of Dallas, Texas. Theirs is a subtle blend of a few distinct pop aesthetics -- the power-pop side of early '80s new wave, the guitar-happy loud-soft dynamics of late '90s emo, the quirky artiness of the cerebral indie rock set -- into one satisfying whole. The young quartet has a single album to its credit thus far, A Few Possible Selections for the Soundtrack of Your Life. Humor, energy, and great hooks abound on all the band's songs, including the featured tracks, "2 Steps" and "Man of the Hour," the openers to A Few Possible Selections...

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