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China, the Beautiful

Sometime in 1998, members of local Philly bands The Marinernine (Miner Street Records), Reizoko (Miner St) and Lenola (Tappersize) got together for some pretty sloppy pop song love making. After a string of stony summer nights hanging out at Miner Street studios in Philly, the band China, the Beautiful was born. The result is atmospheric pop music, with layers of guitar and drums drenched in warm, sinewy electronics. These are luscious songs, the perfect soundtrack for riding your bicyle on a warm, dark summer's night.

Though members of the band now live on opposite sides of the country, which makes practicing a bit difficult, they still find a way to make music. For more information, please e-mail Jason Knight (of Marinernine) and Nyles Lannon (Reizoko, Splendorbin) are currently putting together China's full-length album.

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