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The charmingly and rather appropriately named Cherubino (that's the hormonal youth of Mozart's opera The Marriage of Figaro; "cherubino" is Italian for "cherub") is a young power trio that's experienced a whole lotta heartbreak and celebrates that adolescent emotional distress with tuneful bursts of punchy mid-fi indie rock. The band's overdriven rhythms, smart hooks, and adenoidal vocals most often recall early Weezer, though comparisons could be made to any number of recent grittily melodic indie pop/rock bands. Occasional brief stylistic digressions offer notice that Cherubino could significantly expand their sound in the future. Singer/guitarist Travis Peterson and bassist Rob Viola (Haywood) started the band in 1999 while working together at an NYC internet startup (now defunct). Soon after they recruited Karen Tercho to play drums and Cherubino was born. The trio's debut EP, Bird, came out in 2001.

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