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Little is known about The Charms -- even by Jigsaw Records, the label that released the band in the U.S. They were a U.K. group, from Burnham-on-Sea in the southwest of England, who recorded a couple of cassette-only EPs on the English label Traumatone -- Happen (1990) and Lull (1991). Jigsaw reissued those EPs on cassette in 1995 as Happen to Lull (about 75 copies were "pressed"). The Charms' only other known output is an "archives comp" called Highbridge Dreams. Apparently, they disbanded in 1993 and some of their members reassembled as Luminous.

But one thing's for sure: they definitely knew how to write great pop songs. Their sunny uptempo tunes delight with full, energetic rhythms, wistfully jangling guitars occasionally made just a bit dreamier with a hint of reverb, and high, just-a-bit-angsty male vocals. Sure to please fans of The Pastels, Boyracer, Sleepyhead, and Velocity Girl.

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