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Charles Spencer

After completing his training at the Oberlin Conservatory, Brooklyn boy Charles Spencer hooked up with San Francisco's Jesse Singer to form Loveslap! Recordings. The label strives to showcase up-and-coming house producers such as Rasoul, Julius Papp, Miguel Migs, Jay-J Hernandez, Jaymz Nylon, and Kelli Hand. Spencer's own production combines complex, quirky keyboard patterns with melodious chords and subtle funky beats. You'll hear his heavenly house music played by discerning DJs in clubs from New York to Nottingham.

More recently, Spencer has teamed up with Baltimore-born, Madrid-raised vocalist and composer Yshara. Yshara (real name Sonya Vallet) brings her vast musical knowledge -- she has worked alongside the likes of Oscar Peterson, DJ Krush, and Monday Michiru -- to Spencer's mixing desk. Together they produced the first four Loveslap! releases, A Better Way, Belle et Bete, In My Own Voice, and Freed or Bound. "Belle et Bete" comes with a tasty jazz-house rework by Paper Recordings-affiliate Julius Papp, while "Freed or Bound" gets a "Driving Dub" by Jay-J Hernandez and Miss Spank, and "In My Own Voice" receives a "Hard Love Dub" by Miss Spank (Loveslap! co-owner Jesse Singer).

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