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Chaotic Past

After toiling in obscurity for nearly a decade, this New York power rock trio may be on the verge of a breakthrough after signing on with Boston's celebrated underground label Ace of Hearts Records. Don't expect the kind of angular post-punk that made bands like Mission Of Burma famous though; Chaotic Past plays classic bluesy hard rock that recalls the music of '70s rock heroes like Steppenwolf, Sabbath, and AC/DC. Chaotic Past doesn't really break musical ground; their music makes you think of sweat, beer, an' bein' tough, but what they do, they do well. Guitarist Sam McCall keeps the sound heavy and swampy, with plenty of big blues licks, while drummer Ross Kantor and bassist/singer Chris Neumann form a walloping rhythm section. Neumann's got the hard rock vocal style nailed, ranging from Eddie Vedder's guttural whine to AC/DC frontman Bon Scott's ear-splitting siren.

Chaotic Past's 1999 release, Yer-In, was produced by legendary Ace of Hearts producer Rick Harte. That record includes the featured song, "Tube."

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