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Over two years in the making, Role Model is the sophomore full-length from 19-year-old musical prodigy Ryan Kidwell, who self-released his debut, Cells, when he was just 16. Despite his young age, Kidwell (aka Cex) crafts music worthy of comparison to such electronic music legends as Aphex Twin and Autechre and newer artists like Console, Hrvatski, Lesser, Slicker, and Kid606. Like those artists, Kidwell has managed to succeed where so many electronic artists falter -- in creating music that readily evokes a sense of passion and emotion. Where his records will hit you will depend on a host of external factors, but unlike so much electronic music, this stuff has a vitality that makes it far superior to the lifeless blips and bleeps of the average bedroom knob twiddler. Given this, it may not come as a surprise that Cex cites rock influences such as Angel Hair, Huggy Bear, Clikatat Ikatowi, Ween, and Universal Order Of Armageddon. His varied musical inspirations enable him to create records that are playful, emotional, and engaging.

Kidwell returned in 2001 with his second full-length, oops, i did it again. Besides featuring one of the best song titles ever ("Florida (Is Shaped Like a Big Droopy Dick for a Reason)"), oops shows exciting progress from Role Model with its increased use of diverse sounds, showing Kidwell to be eeking out his own unique sound. Oops owes less to the early '90s Skam roster, existing more as a document of an individual's interesting and varied life.