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If you think the only music that comes out of Scandinavia is black metal and Abba soundalikes, then you clearly haven't heard Cessna. The Finnish four-piece plays some of the most endearingly catchy lo-fi noise pop this side of Slumberland Records. Dreamy, accented vocals drift alongside a warm instrumental mix of bouncy rhythms and jangly guitars. This has got to be a great antidote to depression; if Cessna can't put a smile on your face and a little spring in your step, I don't know what can.

The band first surfaced in 1997 with their Holiday on Ice EP on Jigsaw (it features both "Garlic" and "Utterly Alone"). The Nordically named quartet, featuring singer/guitarist Sami, lead guitarist Tomi, drummer Jani, and bassist Kimmo has three subsequent releases to its credit, a double three-inch CD called Bordeaux (1997) and two EPs, Blue Anglia (1998) and Television Song (1999).

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