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Ceiba is Peter Ziegelmeier and Adam Ohana, two Bay Area-based trance producers who have been central to the development of the California trance scene. Ceiba spawned from the notorious '"Space Station Russ," a crazy and creative warehouse collective in the South of Market Area in San Francisco. Three years later, Ceiba moved an hour north of the city to the Russian River area in Sonoma County, where they found peace and inspiration for work and art in the serene countryside among the redwood groves and rugged beaches. Their music incorporates many influences, blending world music elements and creative instrumentation with trance rhythms.

Ziegelmeier gives rare live performances at smaller, more intimate events in California as well as at some of San Francisco's most progressive cultural events (Burning Man, Digital Be-In, Gay Pride Parade). Ohana is one of the founders of F8 Records in S.F.'s Haight District and is also a well-respected trance DJ who has travelled extensively to bring his psychedelic sounds to the masses.