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Cato Salsa Experience

They're Norwegian, they're loud, and they're aggressive, but they sure as hell ain't Black Metal (what self-respecting Black Metal band would ever call itself The Cato Salsa Experience?). Nope, this slamming Oslo quartet has more in common with the halcyon days of Motor City proto-punk and late '60s psych, mining the blues-derived hard rock fury of the likes of The Stooges, MC5, Iron Butterfly, and Cream to craft blazing slabs of danceable but very balls-out rock. The band started, as so many things do, over coffee, when the three Cato boys were suddenly inspired to launch into a caffeine-fueled jam session. Within a few minutes they had a template for their full-throttle garage rock approach; all that was left was to refine it. They recruited a keyboardist to temper their macho sound with a little go-go bounce. Then they adjourned to a remote summer house on Norway's East Coast, where they recorded their first album, the righteous A Good Tip for a Good Time, getting some soulful horn accompaniment on a few tracks from the Norwegian jazz group Jaga Jazzist. If you're into distorted guitar riffs the size of houses, more spastic energy than a brand new puppy, and a beat you can really move to, you won't go wrong with The Cato Salsa Experience.

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