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Cash Audio

Cash Audio is Cash Money. That is, they were Cash Money, but not the Cash Money that's a hip hop label in New Orleans. This Cash Money was a Chicago rock band consisting of guitarist John Humphrey and drummer Scott Giampino. They formed in 1994, and for a while all was well: they released a single on Tug O War, signed to Touch and Go Records, and spread their sticky blend of dirty blues and crunchy rock throughout the land. But then, in 1999, the hip hop label sent the band an unfriendly letter, and the band became Cash Audio. Got it? Good.

The name may have changed, but the spirit remains the same. Cash Audio still cranks out lowdown, lamp-shakin', dirt floor-grindin' blues slathered with some gritty rock and roll. The kind of music you hear when you wander down into a crowded basement beer bar on a hot summer night, clutching your bottle of devil water and hoping that the bartender will set you up with a class of ice. Cash Audio has a simple recipe for making music: combine guitar, drums, voice, and harmonica (thanks to the addition of Dave Passow) with a dose of 12-bar structure, a dollop of rock, a bucket of soul, and a pinch of humor. After all, they have been known to include a sizzling frying pan full of bacon in their stage show. Honest! And it's the perfect complement to their tasty, crispy music.

"Miles to Coast" is from Green Bullet, Cash Audio's third full-length (after 1997's Black Hearts & Broken Wills and 1998's Halos of Smoke & Fire) for Touch and Go.

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