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Cars Get Crushed

Berkeley, California rock experimentalists Cars Get Crushed produce such dynamic, varied sounds that reviewers are often at a loss for how to describe them. Their music features early Pink Floyd-style prog, spaced-out Sun Ra-influenced jams, noisy avant-garde rock, and gentle indie pop. Synths, flute loops, samples, and spacey blips and bleeps find their way into the basic rock setup, defining Cars Get Crushed's oddly intriguing style. Now that's eclectic.

Though virtually unknown elsewhere, the group is an underground favorite in the Bay Area. They've released three full-lengths, Drag Explosive (1995), Blue & West (1996), and Evolution to Trust (1999). "Toking Basque" comes from Skyskraper Magazine's remix compilation, Technology. DJ Ropstyle does the remixing duties. The original comes from the group's limited edition Warpspeed seven-inch.

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