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Carl Cox

You have to go all the way back to the beginning of the dance music movement to trace the rise of DJ and producer extraordinaire Carl Cox. In '88, when acid-house took London and the M25 circular by storm, Carl Cox was a name on every flyer. His role in early parties such as Sunrise, Evolution, and Shoom was monumental. In the early '90s rave explosion Carl Cox played every major party, including Elevation & Volatile State, Raindance, and Dreamscape. He was also a key player in the European techno movement of the mid '90s, playing frequently in Germany, Belgium, and his native England.

It was during the mid-to-late '90s that Carl Cox got smart, set up his own label, and settled into the Velvet Underground (in London's busy West End) for a weekly residency he named Ultimate Bass. The night is now something of a tourist attraction in London, bringing in clubbers from around Europe on a weekly basis. His premier label Worldwide Ultimatum concentrates on the bigger, more commercially viable releases, while he reserves his In-Tec imprint for underground techno producers such as Marco Bailey, Deetron, Christian Smith, and Bryan Zentz.

His mixed compilations, F.A.C.T., F.A.C.T. 2, and At The End Of The Cliche were hugely popular across Europe and the States, and served to elevate his DJ status even higher. For a sample of his own production work, check out "Phuture 2000," a track that comes with remixes by Deepsky and Hybrid. Check the Hybrid remix for a beautiful excursion into epic breakbeat-driven house.

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