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Capricorn is the solo project of longtime Dutch producer and musician Hans Weekhout. Capricorn's unique sound is a fusion of distorted breakbeats, rock, and techno, full of melodic synth lines and analog deformations. It's elaborate dance music with an experimental edge that can't be pinned into any one category, falling instead into a gray area between acts like Meat Beat Manifesto, Nine Inch Nails, and the Chemical Brothers.

Capricorn's extensive studio credits include recording and mixing innumerable Dutch acts, as well as international artists like Ian Gillan, Falco, and Prince. He has released some of his own material through the Dutch branch of Sony and put out another project, Paranoiax, on U.S.-based Epic. Capricorn has been responsible for some huge hits in dance music. His devastating "20 Hz" appeared on dance charts all over the world and hit singles charts in Holland, Belgium, the U.K., and France (this single appeared on the seminal Dutch Global Cuts imprint). He followed this effort with a number of highly successful releases, including Harakiri, Spanish Fly, a deep trance EP called Tsunami, and the brilliant ethno-dub escapade, Overdub (which he put out under another alias, Squid). His other credits include releases on NovaMute Records, remixes of "The Art Of Trance" for the U.K.'s Platipus Records, and stellar remixes of Nalin & Kane. The artist is now also working with the Netherlands-based label, Proudly.

Capricorn's 1998 album, Lost In Jellywood, brilliantly explores gritter textures in breakbeat with shimmering overtones here and there. A number of artists have remixed that album's tracks in drum and bass, downtempo, and funky techno styles. Some of these remixes can be found on Capricorn's follow-up Lost In Jellywood Remixes on Arcade America.

Check out Capricorn's "I Love NY," then listen to Organic Audio's smoother, tribal, nuanced refashioning of the song. It's rife with flowing percussion, nicely phased and filtery samples that retain that sonic edginess of the original mix.

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