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CAndiES is a young experimental rock trio which, since forming in 1996, has made a big mark on its native Italy, reaching eager ears across the Atlantic as well. Their dense blend of compellingly dissonant post-punk suggests some other highly regarded progressive noise-rock bands -- Blonde Redhead, Unwound, June of 44, and their Italian compatriots Uzeda all come to mind -- but the breadth and complexity of CAndiES' music is truly dazzling.

Occasionally, CAndiES sound like a raw, violent punk band, all visceral thunder and not too much nuance, but these moments usually serve as bombastic bridges between their multifaceted post-punk epics. These, for the most part, fall into two related styles. One is driving complex math rock, marked by thick bass and squealing guitars, full of sharp peaks and valleys, all distortion and aggression, delivered with the sophisticated fury of experimental jazz. The other is dense, multi-instrumental ambient post-rock vaguely reminiscent of Godspeed You Black Emperor!, when horns and cello join the synths and guitars to create weird, midtempo dirges. CAndiES' music is mostly, but not all instrumental; when disjointed, screamed vocals do appear, they feel like yet another familiar instrument made so very strange by this weird, witchy brew.

Prior to 2001, CAndiES' discography consisted of a pair of demos, an EP, and a couple of compilation tracks. But their remarkable 2001 debut album, Leaving Our Homes, is sure to get them a lot of attention. John Covertino of Calexico and Giant Sand offered his services for the record, playing drums, vibes, and shaker on a few tracks. Kevin Brandstetter of Truman's Water also makes an appearance. The album appears on the Italian Ee:lettro Records label in Italy and on Turn Records in the U.S.