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Camper Van Beethoven

Camper Van Beethoven was a band that inspired fanatical devotion. It was a sad day for many fans when the band dissolved in 1990. Though members have continued to make music (in Cracker and the Monks Of Doom, among other projects), there was just something special about CVB. It may have been their humor, their reckless mixing of musical styles, or their penchant for back masking. Whatever it was, after 1990, many fans feared that they had heard the last original songs from their favorite band.

Camper van Beethoven is Dead. Long Live Camper Van Beethoven. began as a simple discussion between the ex-members of CVB about how to put out an oddities CD without it sounding like a hodgepodge of, well, leftovers. For ingredients, they had many interesting live tracks, radio broadcasts, audience tapes, a few unreleased demos, some rarities, and a bunch of half-finished songs. Fortunately, thanks to recent revolutions in digital technology, the band was able to "sample" itself in order to make a new record. That is, they created new songs from the bits and pieces of others by using digital techniques to match tempo and pitch, layering studio-recorded bits on top of live tracks (or vice versa), and finally weaving it all together into a semi-coherent stream of music and sound. Then, Victor Krummenacher, David Lowery, and Jonathan Segel got together for a few days (Dec 5-8, 1999) at Sound of Music in Richmond, VA to assemble, manipulate, and edit all the sounds into a CD. The result is Camper van Beethoven is Dead. Long Live Camper van Beethoven. After all, wasn't this in keeping with the spirit of CVB? Perhaps if the band formed today this is how they would have made music, anyway.

The featured song is a live orchestral version of "All Her Favorite Fruit." The original version of the song appeared on CVB's final album, Key Lime Pie (Virgin Records, 1989). The song's poignant beauty is heightened by the addition of mournful horns and shimmering percussion. Be warned: it may make you weep with bittersweet joy. Grab a tissue while you download.

This album is available exclusively from Pitch-A-Tent Records.

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