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Hailing from Arlington, Virginia, just outside the musical hotbed of Washington, D.C., indie rock threesome Calibos aims to show the world just how much a band can do with a couple of guitars and a drum set. In fact, they can do quite a bit, deftly layering their instruments to create a diverse sound that feels a lot bigger than the sum of its parts. Calibos's mostly instrumental material often recalls bleak, almost primitive guitar-and-drums drone sessions of the White Light/White Heat-era The Velvet Underground, but this is much warmer, less nihilistic music than that of the The Velvets. There's a dose of the manic nervous fuzz of The Feelies and another of the late '80s jangle pop of Brit bands like The Wedding Present. The band reportedly got its start in '98 when Nikhil Ranade taught himself to play the drums while sitting in on one of guitarists Andy Fogle and Jeff McKinney's habitual noise sessions. The trio has since evolved from pure noise to a dense, noisy, well-crafted melodicism. Fogle adds occasional rough, slightly resigned vocals that are nicely suited to the band's sound.

The fast, intricate "Bald Fountain" comes from their eponymous debut, released on Arlingtone Records in 2000.

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