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Cali Agents

While other MCs seem to strive for flavor-of-the-month or flash-in-the-pan success, Planet Asia and Rasco, aka the Cali Agents, remain the coal miners of West Coast hip hop. They have toiled in the trenches for years, both as a duo and as solo artists, methodically building a core audience for their music. Every step they have made has been a part of a logical progression, and now things are finally coming together. San Francisco-born Rasco has a critically acclaimed LP, Time Waits For No Man, and an EP, The Birth, under his belt. Meanwhile, Fresno native Planet Asia has released a self-titled EP, 12-inches for both ABB and Certified Records, and has guest-appeared on a laundry list of MCs' and crews' tracks, all to similar acclaim.

Now, with the Cali Agents' full-length, How the West Was One, Rasco and Asia are ready to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Welcoming well-earned success is what the "Good Life" is all about. Both MCs bask in the glow of the success they've attained over jazzy key and horn drops and vocal stabs provided by their producer Protest. Asia flows, "I saw it comin' as a young un though/Mentally possessed for the limelight/Cali Agents about to up the decimal."

While expressing happiness over their popularity, the duo remains humble, remembering the hard work that got them to this point. As Rasco succinctly says, "Now watch while we catch the whole damn batch/And we stay underground to earn that scratch."

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