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Cadallaca's take on the girl group model results in effervescent pop full of soaring harmonies, clever lyrics, and plenty of style. Corin Tucker (Sleater-Kinney), who goes by the name of "Kissy," and Sarah Dougher (The Lookers, The Crabs), also known as "Dusty," meld their voices into harmonies both honey sweet and diamond hard. Epic tales of love, loss, and teenage hijinks spin out in three-minute increments, backed by Kissy's shimmering guitar, "Junior's" (former Lookers drummer sts) fierce drums, and Dusty's billowing Farfisa organ.

Cadallaca has fun with the girl group mold: they break it apart, examine it, and put it back together with a feminist twist. There is a layer of self-sufficiency and attitude to their airy, bouncy melodies. On "Two Beers Later," Tucker calls an unnamed host on his or her hypocritical actions, snarling above a rollicking organ melody. Gutsy and graceful, Cadallaca is the smart girl in class who isn't afraid to raise her hand and show you exactly how much she knows.