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C-Clamp is a duo from Chicago consisting of Tom Fitzgerald (guitar, vocals, keys) and Nick Macri (bass, vocals, percussion) accompanied by drummer Frantz Etienne. Longer Waves finds C-Clamp, once again, back in King Size Sound Labs in Chicago under the benevolent dictatorship of Meander + Return engineer Dave Trumfio (full time Pulsar, sometimes Mekon, and eternal engineer to the likes of Wilco and Tsunami). Under the watchful eye of Trumfio, C-Clamp found themselves "experimenting" in the studio with modern innovations such as "overdubs", "keyboards", and "vocal harmonies"- three things that were all but absent on the Meander + Return sessions. The sonic result of Longer Waves is that of a thicker, more lush sounding C-Clamp in answer to the spare, spaciousness of Meander + Return. C-Clamp have produced a slow, but steady flow of music since 1994, with appearances on compilations with Shellac, Braid, Dianogah, Fuxa, and Windy & Carl on labels like Che', Mind Expansion, Divot Records, and Mud Records.

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