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Button Happy

Button Happy embodies the spirit of the international pop underground. Based in the tiny island hamlet of Anacortes, Washington (also the sometime home to the Microphones' Phil Elvrum), the young band has slid right into the small but vital Puget Sound music scene, quickly earning a local following with performances at bookstores, coffeeshops, and any other venue that will let them set up their mikes and amps. The drumless, coed trio taps into the emotional and melodic pulse so integral to Pacific Northwest indie rock -- as exemplified by the likes of Pedro the Lion and early Modest Mouse and Sunny Day Real Estate. At the same time, Button Happy displays more than a trace of the earnest mid-'90s folk-rock feminism and diary-like honesty of women like Fiona Apple, Heather Nova, and Mary Lou Lord. The trio formed in early 2001 and recorded their four-song demo CD Pretty Darn Wee (available to you here in its entirety) soon thereafter.

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